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I was inspired by Skyrim's cell loading so I made an attempt to make something similar.

This is the result of my first iteration.

Demo Project:

This will show you an example of how to implement this project into your game.

I recommend you structure your project around this system rather than try to implement it into an existing project but it can indeed be done.



  • Automatic Unloading: Assign a list of tolerated cells to each cell in the ScriptableObject asset 'Cell Database'. Loaded cells are assign a weight based on how well it is tolerated by other loaded cells. When a cell is no longer tolerated it is unloaded.

  • Cell Loading Broadcast Events: Easily tie in your own systems to a flexible event system that broadcasts a range of data such as loading progress and a loaded cells list.

  • Interaction Primer: Interaction interfaces that can be used directly or as a framework to build your own interaction scripts to use in conjunction with this system.

  • Pre-made Transition Framework: An inheritable TransitionController class designed to automate the logistical processes that manage how players can properly navigate between scenes and appear in the right place. (See the portal example photo.) TLDR: It moves the data around so players can be teleported properly, among other things.


This system requires that you place in every scene that counts as part of the game world a manager object with the CellCoordinator component attached. It is the main interface between the CellLoader manager and the newly loaded scene.

I recommend the following scene structure for your projects:

1. Main scene that holds your over-arching managers (Including the CellLoader manager) and the UI overlays you will have in your game. However it will hold no gameplay features. This is the scene your game will always start on it will also never be unloaded during runtime.

2. Any gameplay scenes that contain your game's gameplay. These scenes are basically the different regions within your game. Unity has a great video that details something similar to what I mean here: 

Alright that's it from me. Leave a comment if you have feedback or questions and I hope you enjoy this humble offering. 

'Till next time!


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