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Introducing a new Arcturus Forge production.

LuaCoordinator is an intermediary handler that utilizes the Moonsharp Interpreter to simplify and enhance the lua integrating process while adding a bundle of nifty features.


  • Scripts --> refers to Lua scripts.


  • Automatic script individualization (ASI). Each time you load a lua script it will be given it's own reference object in C#. What that means is no risk of overwritten functionality unless you want it!
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  • Script compilation! Use the included compile tool to group loose lua scripts into a compiled file that can be sent into LuaCoordinator and used like regular lua scripts with the added bonus of automatic load order sorting!
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  • Simple script inheritance. Inherit variables and functions from other scripts or from resource scripts, or even better... Both! (Resource scripts work a bit like abstract classes in C#. You don't use them directly but as a basis for other scripts.)
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  • Enhanced data logistics. A side-effect of 'Script Individualization'  is that scripts no longer have access to a universal globals pool. This system re-introduces that feature with increased depth. Send data directly to and from a particular script or broadcast it to every script you have loaded, the choice, is one you now get to make.
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  • Inter-script function calling. This system introduces a new method of script inter-communication by embedding functions that enable the user's ability to call/query any function on a specified script in an easy to understand way. 
    • Call("scriptName.functionName", args[])
    • Query("scriptName.functionName", args[]) --> Returns a value as object type
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  • Additional data classes and functions that enhance user experience for manipulating arrays/collections and data. 


  • Dynamic Xml --> A free package on my page. (This comes included in this package)
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  • TextMeshPro --> (For the demo scene) Basically a Unity default asset now anyway.


  • A huge thanks to the Moonsharp team for making the magic that I'm piggy-backing off of!!
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  • You!! Thanks for taking the time to look at / buy my biggest package yet.

Extra Notes:

  • This package was supposed to release earlier in its development but I got scared so I've basically made all the big updates before ever releasing to the public. So there won't be any major feature updates in the future but small things and bug fixes are still within the realm of possibility.
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  • If there are any issues please reach out and I will try to fix them or get back to you as soon as I can!


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